Japanese maple nursery

voorjaar kwekerij Dick van der Maat runs a nursery in organic cultivated plants and specialises in Japanese Maples.
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Griffel planten All our  Japanese maples are grafted and propagate  by us. 

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DE.Collection ®.

DE.Collection ® has more than 1000 selections of the Japanse maple.

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DICK VAN DER MAAT Do you want to visit us or you have any questions you can contact us


Scion plants

scion plants (2)

Some of the scion plants are now for sale These maples are over 30 years old and by many pruning, there has been a beautiful branch structure. Ask for details




Our history

H.van der Maat
In 1948 my father, Henk van der Maat, started a nursery for houseplants. His speciality was the growing of cyclamen.
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Opening hours

Dick van der Maat

Only by appointment


Nursery openday


Acer palmatum A-H

Kwekerij voorjaar

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Acer palmatum I-Q

Kwekerij herfst

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Acer palmatum R-Z

Kwekerij winter

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Acer japonicum

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Acer shirasawanum

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Acer circinatum

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Acer sieboldianum

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