Our History.

H.van der Maat In 1938 my father, Henk van der Maat, started a nursery for houseplants.

His speciality was the growing of cyclamen.

Over the years he also started to grow trees.

The multiplication was done by grafting.

The grafting of trees was getting more important by time, so he quit the growing of houseplants.

Movie from the old nursery

In 1970 I started to work fulltime with my father.

He tought my everything about the grafting of all different kinds of trees.

At the same time I began to collect the Japanese Maple, as a hobby.

In 1973 I took over the nursery from my father and I expanded the grafting of trees even more.

In 1976 I got married to Marjan and together we made the Japanese Maples as our most important products.


In 1990 we moved to our current location, Laag-Boskoop 92, and now we only grow the Japanese Maples.

Diana and Ellen, our daughters, are also infected by the maplevirus,

and this made it possible to find one of our newest maples: Acer palmatum ‘Taylor’