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All our  Japanese maples are grafted and propagate  by us.
Foto: Kwekerij van Dick van der Maat
Acer palmatum seedling
Foto: Acer palmatum zaailingen
These rootstocks are immediately upon arrival at our company  potted in 9cm pot .The pottingsoil is mixed with bokashi, clay minerals and sea shells . and when  growth begins sprayed with EM.A
Foto: Onderstammen
The scions are all from our own scions/motherplants ,so we can quarantee the authenticity of the cultivar.
Foto: Griffelhoek
Foto: Griffelhoek

The grafting of the Acer’s happened two times a year.

in Jul.-August for the large numbers and

January-February, the small numbers.

Foto: Zetlingen Kas
 Every 14 days, get the entire nursery sprayed with EM.AEn necessary localized EM 5.By using EM is the chemical spraying by 95% (!) reduce. The plant growth is even better than with the use of fertilizers and chemical means.For more information about EM (Effective Microorganisms) visit the EM society Web site.

Japanse esdoorns kweken met  EM  (1) Japanse esdoorns kweken met EM (2) Japanse esdoorns kweken met EM (3)

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